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Benson Cho

Certified Athletic Therapist (C)

Benson originally grew up in Victoria, British Columbia before moving to Calgary. His passion and love for rehabilitation began when he injured his shoulder. After seeing an Athletic Therapist, he was able see all the intricate details and mechanics of the human body. Infatuated with this new knowledge, he directed his education toward Mount Royal University, where he completed his Bachelor of Health and Physical Education with a major in Athletic Therapy in 2018 and passed his National Certification Exam with the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association (CATA) within the same year.

As an athletic therapist, Benson has also worked with many sports teams providing on field medical coverage services with the University of Calgary Dinos Men's basketball team, Mount Royal University Cougars Women's soccer team, Alberta Soccer Association, Northwest Calgary Athletic Association Hockey, Calgary Colts Junior Football team, and many more.

Benson Cho
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